What is

Professional Organizing?

Harmony at Home provides personal organization and decluttering services to simplify our clients lives and lower stress.
How You Benefit 

Lower daily stress

More time with family & friends

Fewer things to take care of

Relaxing environment at home

Fewer items on to do list

Regain "mental space"

Sigh of relief when items leave!

.....the list goes on.

Home Maintenance

Do you find yourself exhausted by the end of the week staring at all of the week's family routine 'collateral damage'? Even the most organized folks need to put the house back to together each week. If your schedule or lifestyle simply does not permit, I offer a weekly or biweekly service to my clients. We take time to learn about the weekly habits of each member of the family and where items belong best. It helps jump start a systems overall as well. 

Virtual Consults

For the DIYer or non-local client who simply needs support, guidance and accountability, I offer virtual consults over video conferencing. Together we will prioritize, set goals for the home and hash out what is stopping us in our habits and come up with strategies to meet our goals. Together we can work to continuously reconvene and strategize the best way to work through your home organization needs!

Personal Organization

Often times our busy lives get ahead of us and so do our homes. Personal organizing is the perfect solution for someone seeking to put order back in their lives. My service includes assessment, suggested system changes, decluttering, coaching while we work side by side together to take back your time and in many ways, your daily life.

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